IDFL University Subscription Cancellation Policy

Automatic Renewal:

All subscriptions, unless cancelled by the client, will undergo an automatic renewal every 12 months from the initial purchase date.


Clients have the ability to cancel their annual subscription at any point by emailing [email protected]. IDFL will then cancel your subscription. After successfully cancelling, clients will not be billed for the next scheduled billing cycle.

End of Access:

Upon executing a cancellation, clients will continue to have full access to IDFL University's resources until the end of their current subscription cycle, after which their privileges will cease.

Cancellation by IDFL University:

IDFL University retains the right to end or suspend subscriptions for reasons which might include but are not limited to breaches of our terms of service, inappropriate use of the platform, or outstanding subscription payments. In scenarios where IDFL University terminates a subscription:

  • Affected clients will receive prior notification with an explanation for the termination.
  • A pro-rata refund will be provided for the unused segment of their subscription.

Changes to this Policy:

IDFL University may occasionally amend this cancellation policy based on evolving operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Clients will be informed of any substantial modifications.